R. S. Rowland is an author of historical fiction with interests in the period beginning with the Great War through WW2. She likes to explore relationships between unusual characters and to place ordinary characters in unusual circumstances. Her stories include an eclectic mix of MI5 agents, mediums, opium dens, the ghosts of spies long dead, artists and socialites. Her book, Portrait of a Bitter Spy, was a semi-finalist for the 2018 CIBA Goethe Book Award for Historical Fiction. 


Ms. Rowland holds a BA in geography from the State University of New York at Geneseo and obtained a masters in the same from the University of Arkansas where she was also a PhD candidate in historical climatology. Before retiring, she spent 38 years in information systems with various companies including Gannett, Rochester Telephone, Xerox, Costco, San Diego State University and the University of Arkansas. While developing applications for Xerox, she traveled extensively for nine years to South and Central America as well as England. She now lives in Venice, Florida with her husband and three crazy dogs where she also enjoys fighting mealy bug infestations, vacuuming sand from the floor mats of her Thunderbird, eating what she cooks and watching far too many 1940s movies. She is also firmly convinced that she was born in the wrong era.